Over the last 10 years, I have been involved in a number of paranormal television shows - both on-screen as a paranormal investigator, and behind the scenes assisting with the research, planning and production.

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Ghost Chasers

INSIGHT / REALLY / T+E - Filmed 2016. Aired 2016 to Present.

In this 10 x 1hr episode series, myself and Chris Howley are the on-screen paranormal investigators, working alongside leading psychic medium Ian Lawman to take presenter Kay Nambiar on a journey of discovery. Kay had never investigated the paranormal before, but wanted answers. Throughout the series we take him to 20 of Europe's most haunted locations (2 per episode), searching for evidence of paranormal activity and presenting an argument for and against the existence of ghosts. Chris and I also assisted the production team behind the scenes with the location research and planning of the paranormal investigations.

Further information: GHOST CHASERS

Celebrity Ghost Hunt Live

5STAR - Filmed and aired September 2017

In this live-broadcast pilot show, myself, Ian Lawman and Chris Howley (from Ghost Chasers) were the on-screen investigation team, leading a group of celebrities on a ghost hunt at Harwich Redoubt Fort in Essex. The show was hosted by Rylan Clark-Neal and featured 5 reality stars, ghost hunting for the first time. We were also joined by Dr Ciarán O'Keeffe, who was the parapsychologist on the show. Chris and I also assisted the production team behind the scenes with the location research and planning of the ghost hunt. 

Paranormal Investigation: Live

Living TV - Filmed and aired Halloween 2010

On-screen paranormal investigator in this live-broadcast one-off special, broadcast on Living TV for Halloween weekend in 2010. The 2 x 3hr live episodes involved myself and my friends / fellow investigators Anthony Hughes, Ola Semenova and Chloe Hodder investigating Castle Menzies in Scotland. For the show, we were only allowed to use spiritual techniques. Up against us, was another team of 4 investigators, also in the castle at the same time, using modern gadgets. The premise being an unofficial competition, to see which team found the best paranormal evidence. The show was presented by BBC Breakfast's Naga Munchetty, assisted by historian Ashley Cowie and psychologist Dr Rebecca Knibb.

Untitled Pilot Show

ITN Productions - Filmed March 2018. 

On-screen paranormal investigator, alongside Chris Howley, in a test pilot show for ITN Productions. In this short test episode, we filmed a ghost hunt at a well-known haunted house in Essex, with a household name TV presenter hosting the show. The show was a test pilot and will not be shown on television, so unfortunately we cannot share any further information publicly about this project.

True Horror

Channel 4 / T+E - Production 2016. Aired 2018.

Uncredited story researcher, assisting the producers in finding witnesses to captivating and frightening paranormal experiences, for dramatisation in this 4 episode series. After searching out and vetting many stories, I put forward a shortlist of the best cases. One of the stories that I sourced and put forward was that of psychic medium Sam Bennetts who, before becoming a medium, had a terrifying experience in her own home - which was chosen by the producers and made into Episode 2: Ghost in the Wall.

Paranormal 9-1-1

Bristow Global Media - Production 2018. Aired 2019.

Story researcher, assisting the producers in finding emergency service personnel who had experienced a paranormal encounter whilst on an emergency call. This docu-drama series sees police, firefighters and paramedics describing their paranormal experiences whilst on duty, mixed in with dramatisations of the events. The series comprises of 13 x 1hr episodes, with 3 stories per episode. 

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