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Ghost Chasers was the first ultra-high definition paranormal TV series, investigating some of the most haunted locations in the UK and Europe. Hosted by Kay Nambiar, psychic medium Ian Lawman, and paranormal investigators Chris Howley and myself (Paul Hobday), the team visited locations across England, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and the Netherlands, looking for evidence of paranormal activity. Commissioned by Dutch channel INSIGHT and produced by UK-based BriteSpark Films, Ghost Chasers was filmed in 2016 and has since been successfully broadcast in multiple countries around the world.

Ghost Chasers is broadcast globally, including on the following channels:
Ghost Chasers on INSIGHT television
Ghost Chasers on T and E channel
Ghost Chasers on Really TV channel
Ghost Chasers on UKTV Play
The Ghost Chasers Format

Ghost Chasers is a 10-episode series filmed at 20 locations across the UK and Europe. During the series Ian Lawman, Chris Howley and Paul Hobday take Kay Nambiar on a journey of discovery, starting with his first ever ghost hunt at the Ragged School in London. As they travel across Europe together, the team's aim is to provide Kay with experiences and evidence to help him decide whether or not ghosts really exist.


So what makes Ghost Chasers different to other paranormal TV shows?


  1. Ghost Chasers was the first ghost hunting television series to be filmed entirely in Ultra High Definition (UHD) 4K (at 50 frames per second!), allowing viewers to witness the investigations in far greater detail than ever before. This gives the show a completely different look to other paranormal TV shows and a cinematic quality to the imagery.

  2. There is no green nightvision!! ("Finally!" I hear you all say). The series was filmed under the same lighting conditions that witnesses report seeing ghosts - natural light, torchlight, candlelight, or with the lights on. 

  3. The team provides a balanced approach to investigating the paranormal, with a healthy mix of believers and sceptics on the team, debating what the phenomena might be and whether it is spiritual or not. In addition, there are facts and further potential natural explanations that pop-up on screen during each episode.

  4. Many of the locations visited had never been investigated before by anyone, despite their reports of paranormal activity. 

  5. Point of view (POV) action cameras were utilised throughout the series in an attempt to cover all angles should something happen, and to help enable viewers to see what we were seeing. These GoPro cameras were either head-mounted, chest-mounted, or held by us on sticks.

Series One Episode Listing:

Episode 1 - London, England

  1. The Ragged School Museum

  2. Woolwich Arsenal

Episode 2 - Hastings, England

  1. True Crime Museum

  2. Palace Court Hotel

Episode 3 - Harwich, England

  1. Harwich Lighthouses

  2. Harwich Redoubt Fort

Episode 4 - Cheltenham, England

  1. The Plough, Prestbury

  2. Cheltenham Playhouse Theatre

Episode 5 - Namur, Belgium

  1. The Citadel of Namur

  2. Chateaux de Lavaux-Sainte-Anne

Episode 6 - Heidelberg, Germany

  1. Heiligenberg - Monastery & Heathen Hole

  2. Frankenstein Castle

Episode 7 - Ardennes, Luxembourg/Belgium

  1. Wiltz Forest

  2. La Roche-en-Ardenne

Episode 8 - The Rhineland, Germany

  1. Rheinfels Castle

  2. Burg Reichenstein

Episode 9 - Gelderland, The Netherlands

  1. The Spookhaus

  2. Doornenburg Castle

Episode 10 - Bruges, Belgium

  1. Torture Museum (Old Stone Prison)

  2. Old St John's Hospital

Ghost Chasers was first broadcast on INSIGHT television in the UK in March-April 2017. It then also launched on the REALLY channel in the UK in October 2017. Since then, it continues to be broadcast in multiple countries around the world.

Despite the success of Series 1, there are currently no plans for INSIGHT to continue Ghost Chasers, as they have since moved on to other areas/styles of programming.

Ghost Chasers Intro

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